Raise India - Unite for Life

Raise India is a crowd funding platformto provide Funds to state Government, Welfare to people and To Politicians.

It’s a Complete App for Crowd Funding Platform for Government, Politicians & NGOs.

State governments are suffering with lack of funds, due to lack of funds the growth of the government has stopped, if we help our government with funds government will help us in employment, literacy for everyone, Better transportation facilities, Reduction in poverty, water facilities to rural areas, etc.

The fund which is contributed to the state government will be used by the particular state government only.The funds raised by the government will be used for the pending projects, for the development of the villages, irrigation of lands, Development of agricultural lands & advanced cultivating activities, which improve states to go forward and to cope up with central government.

Contributories can also help the government with their valuable ideas and funds can be invested in particular program or welfare of particular village also.

The top hundred contributories are going too displayed every month, like their name, the amount contributed along with their specifications to the fund with photographs.

There is no limit on contribution amount it can be donated in multiples of hundred. Even they can contribute the fund in lump sum or they can contribute the fund in slots like monthly/quarterly/annually.

The transparency of the fund will be maintained, It will be audited every monthly, quarterly and annually, and the status will be updated on the portal itself.

Benefits of this project: There are still some villages that need to travel kilometres to get a pot of water, if we contribute to the state government it directly invest in the areas where they need funds. Whoever contributed the fund to state governments will get an exemption u/s 80G of Income Tax ACT 1961, without any limitation. People can directly involve in state government projects by selecting an option to invest the fund in particular project/village/in development of particular idea. The funds will be monitored up to date and expenses will be updated as and when expended with an expert team of charted accountants. There will be options for the contributor to select the services in which he/she wants to invest. 50% Fund raised we share with Government for only Accountable Accounts, We do not provide for Non Accountable Accounts. Remaining We will use for Village Developments depends on Village Levels We Do Funding. We Cover All below Mentioned Segments

  • 1). Health
  • 2). Children
  • 3). Education
  • 4). Technology
  • 5). Sports
  • 6). Animal welfare
  • 7). Women empowerment
  • 8). Environment
  • 9). Food & Hunger
  • 10). Development of villages
  • 11).To reduce poverty
  • 12). Creation of employment
  • 13). Preservation of culture
  • 14). Irrigation of lands.