Dine With a Star

The news has become part and parcel of everybody’s life. In fact, many of us start our day with the newspaper. That is we love to sip in tea or coffee with a newspaper in our hand. But as technology has undergone change, access to the newspaper has also changed. Newspaper have become digital. Today many are happy reading newspaper through the internet. Developing newspaper portal is not a cake walk activity as it has to be different from other commercial web portals as here the main aim is to grasp the attention of the public and consequently transmit the current information and current affairs. “The way forward for media is video journalism, and News Collective is tapping on this opportunity. Powered by the increasing usage of smartphones, mobile devices, and high-speed Internet, more and more people now prefer to view video news clips than reading news. Media houses are unable to keep up with this challenge of providing dynamic global content to its audience. This new portal is a big leap for News Collective as it is a shift from the existing model that dealt with providing written editorial content. “We want to invite journalists in India to join News Collective and be part of defining the new Online Video News Agency market. New Collective will give journalists an opportunity to market their stories on an international platform as well as to create a brand name for them.” The design and development tasks for a news portal plan compose the electronic version of a newspaper or a magazine having local or even national range. By uploading news of any category such as society, politics, economy, culture, environment, educational, sports, health etc. we both offer the possibility of direct information to anyone visitor who located at any place around the world and the luxury of using this plan by administrators.