Angel India

Angel India is the beauty pageant competition in India organized by Muditva from this year and which might begin in December 2018 and the final competition held in January 2019. So young ladies here we have a good news for you. From this year onwards all of you have the opportunity of being accredited as the most beautiful women in India. The Angel India has been announced and this has definitely brought a great excitement and buzz among young ladies. The competition was held at a national level. The contestant who wins this Competition is sent to the next level like miss world, miss universe. This contestant represents India at the international level

Call for Selections Call for selections made through advertisements in all media out of the pan, television, print, radio, internet and e-mail, and a tie-up with a place where young people gather public. The potential candidate who lost auditions may apply even if the call for selections.

The selection process for Angel India Muditva organizers organize events during the year preceding the election of Angel India. In addition to national pan India competition, they will rise and auditions in all cities to scout for the right talent. At the end of the race in every city virgin, who will compete in the regional competition will be presented to the media. They will sign a letter of intent confirming their participation and kits are also instructed on how to prepare for the competition.

Exercises The training program is a residential program should be conducted in which participants will undergo different types of sessions conducted by a panel of beauty care and general personality during our stay. The 30 state winners will then undergo training in (city name) and they compete in the finale, which may be held in JAN 2019. In the days before the end of the competition, training sessions will be interspersed with outdoor activities involving fun activities, PR activities, competitions, conferences, and more!
Finally, Angel India will be selected in finals.

Rounds in Angel India contest There are many rounds like an introduction, sports, talent hunt, best walk, best body beautiful, smile checkup, and many more, there is the prize given to the winners for the same and the winners go ahead.

Registrations & Eligibility Criteria The guidelines and other relating details to registration have been issued by the management which shall be of much help for the applicants to get successfully registered. The registration requires an applicant to fill up form available on official website and also upload three photos i.e. a close-up, mid shot and one full-length photograph.
While uploading a photo, due attention should be given to the fact that photographs are not more than 2 MB. However, before proceeding for registration, it is important to understand eligibility criteria and other documents required for registration which have been discussed in detail below.

Registrations: Eligibility criteria for Angel India 2019
Following are the terms and conditions which every applicant should keep in mind which registering themselves in the contest;

  • 1. It is essential for the candidate to be of 18 to 25 years of age. (as on 31st December 2018)
  • 2. The candidate should have a height of at least 5’5” inches or above.
  • 3. The applicant should not be engaged or married.
  • 4. It is important that candidate has never embraced motherhood, or have been pregnant earlier or during the phase of the competition.
  • 5. The willing candidate should be a holder of a passport so that she can conveniently travel to foreign countries.
  • 6. The applicant by nature and habits should carry the traits of a female.
  • 7. Candidate willing to take part should also possess Indian nationality.
  • The above conditions are the eligibility criteria which should be met by an applicant to get themselves registered for Angel India contest. Once the criteria are met, following personal documents would be required for moving ahead in the registration process.

Documents for Registration Age proof: The documents for age proof include passport, driver license, pan card or school leaving certificate. Any other document of equivalent nature can also be carried as proof of age. Proof of address: This shall include voter card or any other similar document substantiating the place of residence of an individual. Once the registration is done, the participants will receive a unique registration number where in the selected participants from city auditions will get the chance to participate in state zonal crowning ceremony. The state winner will get the opportunity to represent the Angel India 2019 grand final in Hyderabad.

Important note for the participants
1. The participants are supposed to carry Passport, birth certificate, school leaving certificate, driver’s license, etc for age and birth proof.
2. Participants are requested not to courier the documents to the authorities, they are supposed to take the documents directly to the venue for audition and registration.
3. There would be NO Bikini or Swimwear round during the auditions.