Swasthya HealthSuit will be given for individuals upon enrollment. The HealthSuit acts like Healthcard with maximun benefits for anykind of medical emergences at very low cost. Swasthya HealthSuit cover all kinds of Medical Emergencies in more than 4000+ Hospitals.


After enrolling for Swasthya HealthSuit, a basic health checkup will be conducted with in a week. Digitalization of the documents after checkup will be updated in our Repository. This will help the doctors for a quick act incase of Medical Emergencies 24x7 in the listed Hospitals in india.


It's a great oppurtunity for People/Consumers who hold Swasthya HealthSuit to get Hasslefree Medical Claims. Our Services help in Curing a wide variety of Medical Illness* which benefits our Customers. Our Customers can claim upto INR 2,00,000/- with in a year for their Medical Emergencies.


Swasthya HealthSuit can be utilized for medical emergencies in 4000+ Hospitals Our HealthSuit Acts as a Creditcard for listed Hospitals and can use upto INR 2,00,000/- Incase the bill exceeds above INR 2,00,000/- a discount of 20% will be applicable for every rupee. The Swasthya HealthSuit can be used to buy medicals inside the Listed Hospital Pharmacies. We can buy medicals in Apollo and Medplus Pharmacies with an additional discount of 20%.


It is a health card which is provided to a people for the use of health issues.


Digitalized dcouments of the Medical Reports will be maintained for the safety and security of our Customers in Emergency cases. These records can be accessed using Aadhar card, Facial points and Biometric.


Swasthya HealthSuit can be accessed around 4000+ Hospitals. It is used for Medical Bills, Medical Emergencies. Medical Grants information will be provided for people to give awareness.


Swasthya makes it easy for its customers through Mobile App, Customer Care 24x7 Number. User Can get the information about the Hospitals, Specializations. Health Campaigns will be conducted in villages and rural areas for Medical Awareness.


Swasthya Healthsuit has wide range of unique features: 1. It acts as the debit card, Bearer can withdraw a maximum amount of INR 5000/- once in an year, which has to be refunded in 15 days interestfree. Charges will be applied after 15days.


Swasthya Healthsuit can be used for one person. Accidental cover upto INR 5,00,000/- , Accidental Death claim will be INR 1,00,00,000/- .


Swasthya Healthsuit is valid for one year, it has to be renewed every year. The Applicant can utilize upto 2 Lakhs every year. Any Feature will be applicable only after 91st day of the Card issue. The Card will be sent to the applicant via post.


Complete medical history of individual is taken to Prioritize medical help at emergency. These Medical records can be accessed using Aadhar card, thumb impression and iris.


In Case if the applicant or card bearer looses the card, the card can be replaced. A minimal charges will be applied for replacement.


The Applicant can enroll for the Swasthya HealthSuit at an age of 5 Years to 55 Years.


Ambulance charges are not covered with swasthya HealthSuit.


Cross Improvement of Digitalized Work and Academic Records with Respected Boards, Universities & Organizations.