Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Muditva academy is a training institute that intends to impart skills among unemployed youth, school/college dropouts and women throughout India. We give training under Hospitality. Skill development is an Important instrument in today’s Globalization. It is so important to increase the efficiency and quality of Labour for improved Economic Growth and Productivity. This is how India can become the main Global sourcing Hub for Skilled Employees.

Skill development is a powerful tool for any individual to improve their social acceptance. The challenge what the Government is facing is not only expansion of facilities for skill training but also in raising their quality. Working Age Group in India is more than 62% of Population within the age group of 15 – 59 Years. Only 2% of the total employees in India have completed Skill Development Training.

NSDC(National Skill Development Corporation) – National Skill Development Corporation was started in the year 2007. NSDC training program was started by Congress. NSDC was set up as a part of a National Skill Development mission to fulfill the growing needs in India for Skilled manpower across the sectors.In 2014 BJP didn’t want to continue with the same name, and NSDC cannot be dissolved.NSDC is a skill India Policy Design Maker.To accomplish this goal he has started PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana) program.

PMKVY is a program.The Training Centre has to pay the amount to PMKVY per centre. Before starting Training Centre PMKVY will come to evaluate the Institute with 50 marks spreadsheet.

The score will be evaluated depending on the guidelines, like

  • Type of Building – Shaded/Rented/Agreement - 6 Marks
  • Depends on Radius – 4 Marks
  • Lab Equipment – 3 Marks
  • Infrastructure – 4 Marks
  • CC Camera’s – 3 Marks
  • Disabled People - 4 Marks and etc…….

TC (Training Centre)

Candidates must score atleast 85%. Hospitality is the biggest industry, where we can find the most growing skills. Training can be given easily and provide placements to the candidates. Soft skills play a major key role.


  • Chef - 8th Standard pass
  • Baker - 8th Standard pass
  • Steward - 8th Standard pass
  • Room Attendant - 5th Standard pass
  • Front Desk Executive - 12th Standard pass
  • Trainee age should be between – 18 to 28yrs.


A minimum of 2 years work experience candidates must be hired as Trainers, who have experience in Hospitality Industry. Training is a systematic procedure that helps to gain knowledge, skill, and creativity, that results in increased corporate performance.

Once Trainer is hired we have to collect the documents such as Aadhaar, biometric measurements are to be updated in the system. The training period is from 45-60 days in both theoretical, Practical and on Soft Skills.The examination is conducted either online or offline, depending on the PMKVY.


After the completion of the course, disbursement of certificates, and the placement assistance, leaving the drawback students, remaining trainees information is to be entered in the PMKVY portal, by which the training of the batch is successfully accomplished. Training Centre has to tie up with local Restaurants, & Hotels for regular employment of the trainees. PMKVY will inquire about the placement service with the Training Institutions.