As we know cities becoming green is a "high priority" as temperatures are increasing in a high pace. The prime motive of E-Citizen is to make the cities environment friendly, with this motive we came up with an idea of roof top gardening.

Why Speed Governors? By the year 2020, road traffic injuries are expected to be in third place in reasons for hospitalised people.As per the National Crime Records Bureau Data (2015) 141,526 persons were killed and 477,731 injured in road traffic crashes in India in 2014. 27% of road deaths in India in 2013 was contributed by trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles.

As the plants have the ability to reduce the overall heat absorption of the building which then reduces energy consumption. On the other hand rooftop gardens are an ideal way for an urban gardener to expand their space, rooftop gardens also make good use of frequently unused and wasted space.

A roof garden is a garden on the roof of a building. Besides the decorative benefit, roof plantings may provide food, temperature control, hydro-logical benefits, architectural enhancement, habitats or corridors for wildlife, recreational opportunities and in large scale it may even have ecological benefits.

The practice of cultivating food on the rooftop of buildings is sometimes referred to as rooftop farming. Rooftop farming is usually done using green roof, hydroponics, aeroponics or air-dynaponics systems or container gardens.

E-Citizen portal will provide all required inputs like the roof top gardening ideas, roof top gardening architecture, roof top gardening plants, guidelines on taking care of roof top gardens so on..