Renewable Energy Products


Renewable energy is an energy that is derived directly from the Sun or from heat generated deep within the earth. Renewable energy often provides energy in four important areas: electricity generation, air, and water heating/cooling, transportation, and rural (off-grid) energy services.

Renewable energy in definition is electricity and heat generated from solar, wind, ocean, hydro-power, biomass, geothermal resources, and bio-fuels and hydrogen derived from renewable resources.

Renewable energy resources and significant opportunities for energy efficiency exist over wide geographical areas, in contrast to other energy sources. Rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency and technological diversification of energy sources, would result in significant energy security and economic benefits.

It would also reduce environmental pollution such as air pollution caused by burning of fossil fuels and improve public health, reduce premature mortalities due to pollution and save associated health costs that amount to several crores of rupees every year.

E-Citizen as a part of its social responsibility towards society in terms of reducing air pollution, improve public health and to reduce mortality rates playing its important role by bringing the renewable energy products like Solar air conditioning, Solar chargers, Solar chimney, Solar calculator, Solar cooker, solar inverter, street lights, solar powered pumps, radio, solar vehicles and many more, at the door step of customer, which in turn results into economic growth of the nation.