The food we eat today is highly contaminated. From wax on apples and artificial colours on fruits & vegetables to pesticide contamination, everything has been ‘altered’ in the name of giving out a better product. But the result has always been a sad one. With many people moving onto organic food, doubts have risen on the quality of this organic food as well.

How will it be if we know that the Veggies, Fruits, Pulses and Meat what we are eating is the most Safe and Pure form of food and how about if the Vegetables, Fruits etc. are just as fresh as when they are plucked from the farm and can be stored for a longer time without even storing them in refrigerator. It will be like AWESOME.

But with Purin's Nano AOP formula, the products have significantly less contaminants and impurities, including toxins and pesticide residue, giving it a new lease of life without affecting its taste, or its nutritional values.


Purin by Republic is a new dawn of hope for the people waking up to the importance of healthy Living. Purin is an invention to eliminate all the impurities from the food without even losing the Vitamins, Minerals and all the good contents in the food. Interestingly, there are no chemicals used in this process, and all it takes for the purification is nothing but water. Completely removing the use of chemicals.

The algorithm has been built on the lines of photosynthesis – where the key factors used for this process are light, water and ozone. PURIN promises people in delivering obsolete purity of Food.