Jagaana talks about connecting people to govt schemes & services in an inclusive and empowering way.

Are You Aware of all Schemes and Services you’re Eligible For?

The central and state governments roll out several schemes; implement various initiatives and policies for citizens. There are 1000s of Schemes and Services available from State and Central Governments, Private and NGO Offerings.

Though the governments strive to help everyone, Unfortunately many are often unaware of initiatives due to the lack of relevant information, Lack of Access to apply for them, we keep missing everything; even those who need help are clueless about availing the schemes.

To address this issue we’ve a Solution, A unique path breaking initiative introduced by Republic. It is a unique first of its kind participatory governance initiative involving the common citizen at large.

Jagaana is a Portal in India, developed to enable single window access to schemes, services and additional benefits being provided by the various Indian Government entities and other sectors. The idea of Jagaana brings the government closer to the common man by the use of online platform creating an interface for healthy exchange of ideas and views involving the common citizen and experts with the ultimate goal to contribute to the social and economic transformation of India.

Jagaana is an Aadhar stack-based cloud solution that is helping people discover their eligibility to thousands of social welfare schemes and digitally apply for citizen centric services. Just Enter Your Personal, Geographical and Reservation Profile, See the Long List of all Eligible Schemes to Apply Directly, from within the System or to know the Procedure.

Get easy access to Multiple Services, financial services and other government schemes, Chronological System to Match Schemes as per eligibility, facilitate linkages by identifying applications, required documents and supporting the Applications Online or with Detailed Step by Step Procedures to submit same Offline.

What information does Jagaana provide?

Jagaana provides information about every government scheme, be it the State or Central in an easy-to-understand manner.
Based on the personal Profile, get list of related schemes that match with profile.
It helps a family to avail and check all relevant state and central government welfare schemes.