Courier Services

Courier Services

Courier & Logistic Services

Do you have a parcel to ship and do not know which type of courier service you need? Muditva can provide you with the access to different types of courier services. From standard shipping of packages and suitcases to freight transport.

The selection of the right type of courier service depends on what your shipping needs are, how quickly you would like your shipment to be collected, and of course your budget.

Domestic courier services Domestic shipping is the most common and cheapest courier service used for shipping small to large. Delivery time usually lasts depending on the destination. Size and weight of the parcel are the two parameters that form the shipping prices, which do not include packaging. Our pan-India presence ensures faster delivery of your parcel.

International courier services Whenever a shipment is sent from one country to another, we talk about international courier services. For these type of courier services, the prices vary depending on the chosen route. With Muditva you can ship your parcels to the destination of your choice.

International shipping is a useful service for students, expats and other people living abroad, who need to send gifts and other items back home. Use our shipping engine to find the best courier service for your destination.