Claims Day

Claims Day is a Portal in which people give donations to Muditva Foundation and other Old Age Homes and Orphanages. In Claims day people have to donate only 199/- which is taken online. We have divided this donation into groups.

Every Fifty donations will be taken as a group and within 24 hours a draw will be taken. The 1st person will get an Electronic Device as the gift which is worth Rs.10000/-. The next 24 people will get a gift or a gift voucher of worth Rs. 400/- and remaining 25 members of the group will get a gift voucher worth Rs. 200/- or more.

It is a guaranteed gift program where every member who donated money for the good cause will be rewarded by us as our gratitude towards them.

People who want to donate money to the Foundations through our Republic Centres ( offline) has to do a donation of Rs.249/- and the rest of the terms are same.