Xellent India

The basic aim of xellent India is to bring all indigenous products under one roof at competitive prices to citizens of India. As we know the prices of Indigenous products as handicrafts, handlooms and women/child products are very high in market, e-Citizen is trying to give the product to customer at competitive prices.
Customers can directly purchase these items through xellent India application designed for customers without any difficulty.


India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, spanning a period of more than 4000 years and witnessing the fusion of several customs and traditions, which are reflective of the rich culture and heritage of the country.
Crafts are an integral part of the life of an Indian, despite the rapid social and technological changes that are taking place. In the Western world, special artists create craft objects and they are considered as luxury items.

But in India like many other developing countries, it is the main source of employment for a vast majority of the population, next to agriculture. Handicrafts can be defined simply as objects made by the skill of the hand and which carry a part of the creator as well as centuries of evolutionary tradition.
It is an art of making decorative and design objects with hand using something like bamboo, wood, clay, metal, bone, horn and stones. It can range from the simple clay- lamps to the diamond -studded jewelry items. Handicrafts consist of objects created by skilled people for religious rituals, like wedding and celebrations and for personal use as well as luxurious ones created by specialized craftsmen for specific requirements.

Handicrafts bring a great sense of grace to every home be it the poor hut or the opulent star hotel. India has a long tradition of excellence in making high-quality handloom products with extraordinary skills and craftsmanship, which are unparalleled in the world. The intricate workmanship of the handlooms provides this segment with a unique identity of its own.

In India each region has its own identity in crafts like woodwork, leather embroidery, metal wares, carpets, painting and woollen textiles, patterned crafts, carpets, baskets, wall hangings, shawls, phulkari, earthen pottery, carpets weaving, chikankari embroidery, stone and Ivory carving, idols made of metal, sandalwood objects, Kathakali dolls, perfumed candles, incense sticks, handmade paper, pottery, kantha embroidery, mask making, Madhubani paintings, leather footwear so on.