Republic Happy to Bring Mahogany Plantation to all Partners at Republic to Help Farmers for a Super Win-Win Situations. Naturally Grained Reddish dark pink wood popularly used in Musical Instruments, Plywood, Paneling, Interior trim, Cabinetry, Paper, Furniture and Interior Flooring due to their High Density. The wood from Mahogany has a life span of 100 years.

The tree doesn’t get affected from various insecticides due to its Natural properties. India is under a very unbalanced natural situation which are affecting every season.


For Happy & Healthy India - Upgrade & Class the Cultivation to Next Level Farming. Initiate the Farmers Pride through Farmex at Republic.

1. Plant 500 Trees in 1 Acre for the Best Yield of Rs. 50L in 10 Years.
2. Trees Grow from 60 to 80 Feet in 10 Years.
3. Registered Agreements to Buy Back with Guaranteed Prices. Low Cost Farming and Minimal investments.

Plantation will help to restore natural balance and will make soil 100% Organic and Fertile. It will also help to reduce Global warming and reduce various infections caused due to Climate Conditions. Everyone can plan their income for a long term and help in formation of Green India….Save India.