Smart Spire

Sales CRM

Maximize your productivity with our sales CRM platform that promotes best practices. We prioritize your sales pipeline with personalized dashboards and personal productivity tools. And Increase win rates with rich customer insight and collaborative selling tools. Drive best practices with powerful process automation that aligns with your sales playbook.

Sales CRM Customer relationship management is a prerequisite to the success of any sales organization. Our template provides real-time access to your accounts, and is ideal for teams of all sizes, from an individual sales rep looking to quickly log interactions on-the-go with the mobile app, to a start-up or a small business with a growing sales team interested in building out a sales pipeline, to an enterprise looking for a contact management solution for the entire sales organization.

Additionally, our sales CRM template is flexible enough to adapt to your sales process no matter the size of your book of business or sales team, whether you're managing just a few customer relationships or tracking customer interactions across hundreds of clients. And with our sales CRM template, each member of your team can create a personalized view for the work they need to accomplish, without getting distracted by other accounts. Use a calendar view to quickly see past meetings requiring follow up, or upcoming meetings requiring preparation. Or try a Kanban view to see where each customer is in the sales process and how close they are to closing. With this sales CRM template, the sales people on your team will be ready to close deals in no time.


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