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Frequently Asked Questions!

Have a Question? There’s a Good Chance the Answer is Right Here. Select a Topic Below to See related Frequently Asked Questions. If you Do not find the Answers You’re Looking for, Use Our Contact Us Form to email your Information Request to the Appropriate Muditva / Republic Contact.

Republic - RCS Empowers Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Importantly Citizens to Exercise their Rights, Services & Ease of access through the provision of High-Quality Technology Driven Single Point of Contact, as well as Capacity Building for Society & Organizations. Appraising to be India's Resource Centre, On Rights & Requirements, Services & Products, Needs and Deeds For an Inclusive Democratic India. Where the Services and Benefits Can be Fully Tapped!

Republic is the Largest Market Place and Business Platform Offering Multitude of Diverse Products Services to both Individuals and Fastest Growing Businesses, all Under One Roof.

Yes, There are Hundreds of the Same Kind But Republic is Unlike any Other thing. Only Republic Offers all Services on a Single Platform in More Customised, User-Friendly and Elaborated Way to Customers (Individuals & Businesses) from Simple Application Submission to Complex Automation.

Republic – Unlike any Other thing. Republic Offers End to End Solutions on Everything to Anything and Being an Open Marketplace and Business Plat Form, the Services and Products List at Republic is ever Growing and as Big as your Imagination.

The Long List Of Offerings at Republic all under Single Window System, Emphasizes the Contributions of Republic to the Society for Complex and Problematic Situations. Apart from just Offering the Services and Products, Republic gives More to the Society rather taking it.

Republic Supports Entrepreneurship to the Heart and Core, Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand and Special incentives are offered to Women Entrepreneurs.

Republic Purpose is Bringing Potential to Life and becoming a Leading Market Place for Services and Products to Individuals and Businesses. From Start-Ups to Established Businesses by helping Improve the Digital and Metric Standards and Awareness to make better use of available Resources. Our Overreaching Ambition is Simple – We Want to Help Customers and Businesses around the Nation Grow More from Less. We Use Our World Class Science and Technology to Transform the Ways it is Grown and in Sustainable Way. We Want to Create a Nation-Wide Step Change in Service industry.

The Complete Training Provided by Republic and guides Intensively on the Hardware and Software Purchased or Required. Beyond anything, Republic always Advises to Invest in Yourself rather anything and Maximum Minimises the Investments Required for Establishing a Republic Hub.

Republic Supports and Takes Care of Complete Digital Marketing in Terms of Upon Establishments by Promoting the Remote Republic Centres as well, and the State and District Partners Shall Ensure to do Same to Penetrate in Local Level.

However, Apart from the Digital Marketing and Direct promotions, Republic Developing a Huge Network Database of Students Housewives and Freelancers to Earn More Income by Associating themselves with the Nearest Republic Hub.

No, Republic Offers Premium Services at Basic Cost and Prices Much Aggressively and Ensures the Maximum Benefit be to both Customers and Republic Business Partners. We Love to Serve the Customer Again, Again and Again and we can Expect the Repeated Customer only When the Quality Promise is in place and Aggressive Price Savings.

At Republic, we are in the advanced world to give incredible Service. We continually centre in improving. We trust that we need to possess and control the advances in the Services that we provide. We need to concentrate on the items that are really essential and important to individuals. We trust profound joint effort and cross-fertilization of our groups allow us to make an unprecedented item that others can't and we don't acknowledge anything not as much as magnificence in the organization. We at Republic have the self-trustworthiness to concede once we are incorrect and furthermore the soul to modify and we consider in any case who is in what work these qualities are so inserted in this organization that Republic Business Arrangements will do phenomenally well.

Republic Works with Simple Mission - Make technology an asset for your Assets is not a problem. We work with you. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your Day to day life. So you can grow along. As your technology partner, when your assets grow ours will grow with you, therefore, we will work for hand in hand with you to support your growth. In short Republic Hub loves to Change the Government Services, Agencies and Benefits to Being all about the Citizen, as Opposed to Being all about themselves.

The Appliance of Republic! For People Who Want More!!

You're Never alone with Republic. Like You! Like Never Before! People Keep Coming Back, For Great Times and Bright Light Wrapped Up with Services, Quality and Promise, The Wonder has a Name - Republic.

Republic Developing 3 Layer Network System
a. Republic Business Partner Network -5000 Republic Centres at Identified Locations
b. Freelances (Students & Housewives) Network – Huge Base of 3 Crores to Support and Bring More Business to Republic Hubs.
c. Customers Network – Highly Promoted Customer Referral Program to Ensure the Best Ethical Practices are in Place – Always.

You May Please Write to Republic@Muditva.Com along with your Product Details and the Experts at Muditva Shall Ensure to Call you Back with 48 Hours or 2 Business Days.

May Please Write to Support@RepublicHub.In and you will be Guided to Concerned State or District Partner.

No, Republic is the Brand Name of Muditva’ s Market place. Under the Brand Name of Republic, we Are offering all the Services and Products Under Single Window System.

Muditva Industries Private Limited – Is the Name of the Business Entity and Republic is Part of it as the Brand Name for the Marketplace and Apart from the Republic Market Place, Muditva is an Established IT Company formed with Mergers and take Overs of Other 4 Entities for Value Creation and Subject Offerings at Republic. For More Information on Muditva, May Please visit www.Muditva.Com.

The Long List of Services and Products at Republic Is as Long as your Imagination. However, for Easier Access and Understanding they are Divided into Categories and Sub-Categories and to Mention the Main 5 Categories --

1. Capital Flow – All Services in Financial Segment are Covered with this Open Platform from Starting a Business to its Establishments, Finding the Right Solutions, Funding, Syndication, Compliance, GST and What’s Not, Whatever the Financial or Corporate Requirement, Capital Flow Serves as a Virtual Auditor at the Fraction of its Cost, Always.

2. Puppet Suite – The Suite of Education and Health Care products, Campus Automation to Health Integrations. Medicines to Supplies, and Importantly, Puppet Suite Serves at Large Scale Operation and CSR Contributions.

3. Creative Studios – Be it a Business or a Personal Requirement, Digital Media and Creative Artwork is Part of Day to Day Life. With the Help of Creative Studios, we are able to Serve Every Element of Customer Requirement, be it a Small Logo Designing or a Complex Artwork and Animation.

4. eCitizen –This is Where We Can Find Many Businesses are into already, however still Republic Separates itself from the Crowd Offering the Best always in a Refined and Customised MANNer. Just be a Utility Bill Payment or the Regular Monthly Medicines Supply, or the Highly Discounted Products through Happy Sales – All Under One Roof and Thanks to the Team at eCitizen for Continued efforts to Make this a Dream Come True.

5. MNN – Republic Loves to Give as Much as it takes, and Being a Responsible Organization, Every Business Partner at Republic are Extensively Trained in Journalism, Reporting and Being a Valuable Citizen and it Ensures the National News ChANNel – MNN takes the Republic an Extra Mile Required to Identify itself as the One – Away from Everyone at the Crowd.

For More Detailed Information on Every Service Offering at Republic, kindly visit www.RepublicHub.in

The List of Services and Products is an Ever Growing and Change Is Mandatory for Extraordinary Results. For the Benefit of Customers and Republic Business Partners, we always Strive to Keep adding More and More Services and Products to the Catalogue and the Same be Informed to all Republic business Partners through WorkPlace Integrations.

As Mentioned Above, Republic is an Open Market Place and it Serves Both our In-House and Vendor Products, however before taking anything as Part of Republic – Muditva Tries and Test the Product at Multiple Levels and Only Upon Quality and Aggressively marked Price Can be Accepted on Republic Market Place.

Depending on the Kind of Service or Product Offering, the Work Function Varies. At Times the Republic Hub takes Care of Complete Steps Involved and at Times they Just act as Front-Line Sales ChANNels to Ensure Optimum Quality. Depending on the Nature and Kind of Service / Product, the Same is Detailed at WorkPlace on Functionality of Republic Hub.

Republic Works Relentlessly 24/7 and 365 Days a year. To the Business Partners and Customers, there’s a Dedicated Live Chat Support with Scree share Options for Immediate Resolutions on any Kind of Issues, One to One Access to the Decision Makers at Republic on Category Wise to Speak with Subject Matter Experts at Republic and Offer Best Tailor-Made Solution to the Customers -Always.

To the Customers, Dedicated helpline with a Toll-Free Number on all Services and Products with the TAT Commitment of 2 Hrs to 24 Hrs on any Working Day.

Republic Market Place is the One where all Products and Services of Republic are Listed, Resource and Documentation Centres are Maintained and the Main Window to all Republic Partners to Start the Work and Complete Day to Day Transactions from the Same Window. Every Product or Service Information is Clearly Maintained there with Clear Details of “How To” to Ensure Highest Quality Standards are always maintained.

Yes, Republic Strongly Believes in the Basic Fundamentals, without having an Expertise in the Products and Services – it is an Impossible Task to Serve the Customer Needs. An Extensive Week Training is Part of Republic Regime, Every Republic Hub, and Business Partner is Certified on the Program Upon Completing the Training Session.

Republic Doesn’t Charge anything on Annual Basis, the Length of Agreement is Valid for 5 Years and with a Duly Authorised Extendable to a Tenure of another 5 Years.

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