ESI Returns

Employee’s state insurance. It is a social security and health insurance scheme for Indian worker.

Documents required for filing of ESI Returns:- (All copies of documents should be self-attested by the customer)

  • Attendance register
  • Register for Form 6
  • Register of wages
  • Register of any accidents on the premises
  • Inspection book
  • Monthly challans and returns submitted for ESI

Process Required for the filing of ESI Returns:

Once the documentations are ready company can apply for registration by submitting the employer’s registration form (form-1)

A PDF format form is available on the website. Fill in the form and submit it to ESIC for registration on the official website.

Once verified, a registration number, a 17-digit unique identification will be provided to the organization. The ESI filings can be done once you receive the 17-digit number.

Employees registered under the scheme get an ESI card after submitting a form with photographs and details of family members.

Although the registration is permanent, and the number is valid for the lifetime of the company.

Any new changes, such as employee additions, need to be intimated to the ESI.